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Helping Children with Cancer since 1999

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We are a small charity that aims to help children who are suffering from cancer or who have some other life threatening illness. We also make donations to other charities working in similar fields to us.

This website gives information on how we came into being, what we do and how we do it. You will also be able to find out about how you can help us to achieve our aims.

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How we help

In 2016 Fatboys Charity delivered Christmas gifts to over 80 children who are suffering from cancer or other life threatening illnesses. Our work takes us the length and breadth of the UK and we never cease to be amazed by the bravery and fortitude of these children and their parents.

Meet Max


Thank you again so much for Max's iPad - getting him to stay in his standing frame is difficult but now with his iPad he can listen and watch nursery rhymes to his hearts content. This will make a real difference to Max and given his visual impairment, having a screen quite close to him means he can actually see the graphics. Thank you, thank you, thank you xxx

Meet Gabrielle


Thank you so much to Fatboys Charity. This is Gabrielle with her Lego set. There was great excitement on Christmas morning! I'm surprised you didn't hear the squeals! She adores it (and it only took mummy 5 hours to build it!). You do a fantastic job, bringing sunshine to kids who've been through so much pain. Keep up the good work guys! Xxx

Meet Toby


Thank you fatboys for putting sparkle back into toby's eyes! He was so excited to receive such an amazing package yesterday. It means the world to us. Your kindness will never be forgotten xxxx