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Thank you very much for your generous contribution towards completing Michaels railway set. It has been a god send over Christmas as Michael hasn't been very well and very little energy to do anything. It has taken Michael days to put it together and we still haven't finished. Once again thank you for everybody's hard work and generosity for making this happen.

The main thrust of the charity is geared towards the purchase of Christmas gifts for children who are suffering with cancer and leukaemia. However, donations have also been made to Oncology Units and Hospices throughout the UK.

Additionally we have made donations directly to cancer-related charities such as C.A.L.M, C.L.I.C and Macmillan Nurses.

We believe, and have seen for ourselves, that such a gesture at a special time of year can have an elevating effect on a child, regardless of how ill they may be at that particular time.

The charity is run by a committee of volunteers who are unpaid. This means our overheads are low and almost 100% of all monies raise goes directly to what it was raised for. There are no salaries to fund, or office premises to maintain.

We try to keep the process of making a request very simple and donít believe in bureaucratic processes.

The fund-raising events and general running of the Charity are time consuming, and often laborious, but the sight of delight on a childís face when they eventually receive the benefits of the work carried out, make it more than worthwhile.

Cancer Fact

In the UK, cancer is the most common cause of death in children aged 1 to 14 years, accounting for around one fifth of deaths in this age group.

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