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Thank you all so much for Herbies presents. Unfortunately Herbie was admitted to hospital Christmas Day so hasn't had the chance to open them all but he is very, very happy with the ones his dad brought into hospital for him to play with! Can't wait to see his face when he gets home and realises he has the turtle house too! Thank you to everybody involved

Our main fund raising event is an annual 'Day of Lawlessness' that is usually held very early in March. This year, the event raised more than £12,000 and this will once again allow us to make a significant difference to a number of young people's lives.

Whilst the trustees work hard to find ways of raising money for the benefit of others, their task would be almost impossible without the generosity and kindness of so many people not directly connected with the charity. Over the years individuals, companies and sports clubs have made notable contributions to our fund raising efforts. We extend our sincere gratitude to those who have helped us in the past and look forward to continued support in the future.

Here are just a few of the ways others have helped us to help others: -

If you are not included in the above, then I am sure that by now you are feeling a little guilty about everyone else doing all the work! If this is the case, you too can help us to help others. There are a number of ways you can get involved in raising funds for the charity, but if you do not feel like breaking a sweat on some sponsored marathon or giving up a prize for our annual grand auction, then a simple cash donation would be fantastic and would be well received.

We always welcome Corporate Sponsors for our main fundraising event
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Donations to the charity are always welcome. We have now teamed up with justgiving to allow our supporters to donate directly to us online through

Our Just Giving Page

Traditional forms of donating by way of cash, postal orders, or cheque (payable to ‘Fatboy’s Useful Cancer Charity Account’), can be sent to the following address: -

PO BOX 2812
SN15 5WZ

Sponsorship is a key method for raising funds for any charity. We are always looking for more people to help us.

If you would like to support us in this area please get in touch through our contact page

Many clubs, companies and individuals have been supporters of Fatboys Charity over the past few years. Without their generosity, help and support, it would be very difficult for the charity to achieve its aims and objectives.

If you're thinking of doing any sort of sponsored event for charity, why not consider helping Fatboys to spread a little joy by making us a beneficiary? People like Kezia Berrett who did her first triathlon for Fatboys, or Spencer Goggin doing a Burpee Challenge. Whatever you can do to help will be greatly appreciated by us, the children we help and their parents too. You know you want to!


Rugby, music and a Charity Auction - our day of Lawlessness is the main fund raiser of the year and takes place in early March. We need your items for our auction.

Please Contact Us if you can help out with anything - anything at all