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Fatboys Charity are proud to sponsor Malmesbury Youth Under 11 football team for the 2010 -2011 season. Each team member was presented with their shirt bearing our logo and web address, a Fatboys mug and car sticker. Fatboys decided to expand their sponsorship of childrens' sporting teams and felt it was appropriate and something that the late Mike Lawless would have approved of.

It is also a great form of promotion for the Charity and has already reaped rewards. The Charity also currently sponsors a Swindon Minis Rugby team and the squad are so taken with their Fatboys tag on the front of their shirts that they have done a number of sponsored events for Fatboys generating a significant amount of donations.

A Committee member said '"Whilst the focus of Fatboys charity remains very much towards helping children suffering with Cancer and Leukaemia, we saw this as a great way of spreading the Fatboys name and advertising the work we do as well as supporting children in the community and giving them a bit of a laugh running around sports fields with Fatboys on their shirts ! We are finding that promotion of the Charity is reaping great rewards in increased donations and sponsored events and the more we raise , the more children we can help"

Watch out for a range of Fatboys merchandise coming soon !!

Mike Rees
2010-10-13 06:16:38

A Bridge Too Far (The Sequel)

Local Athlete and hairmonger, Andy Bridge (pictured) raised over 300 for Fatboys running the Swindon Half Marathon .This is the second time that Andy has done this for the Charity. He did it in 2006 for us raising over 500 and we understand that it took him four years to get over that run so we look forward to him helping us out again in 2014.
Many thanks to Andy for his efforts.

Andy Bridge wasn't the only one raising funds for us that day as some of the parents of Swindon Minis RFC, who are sponsored by us, endured the ordeal in the name of Fatboys, proudly wearing their colours with the Fatboys name emblazoned upon it. We would like to thank each and every one of you for your hard work and generosity.

Mike Rees
2010-10-13 06:16:04


Okay..........we wanted to get some car stickers done to advertise the charity but couldn't think of a catchphrase.......... God bless the genius of of the haphazard humour of Mobes who came up with the play on words for Oncology to coin the phrase 'Honkology'. ......So, e-mail us to get your car stickers and we'll send them out to you and put them in your motor and toot your horn every time you see another vehicle bearing it.......... Simple yet brilliant ! .........and probably illegal.........but don't tell the Police.

Mike Rees
2010-10-13 06:15:12


Wednesday March 3rd 2010 will see the annual ' Day of Lawlessness' return for some bad boy boogie with plenty of dirty deeds being done dirt cheap ! We've managed to persuade AC/DC tribute band Hells Bells to come back following their much raved about appearance last year.

With a flick of the switch, Hells Bells will be back in black to take the stage again and you, as well as I, remember their gig last year and I can say with honesty that their performance shook me all night long . Well, are you ready, cos the annual fundraiser will have got you by the balls by the time the rugby match kicks off at Supermarine RFC during the afternoon and both sets of players could be spoilin' for a fight as they contest the Fatboys shield for the 11th year.

Wiltshire Police RFC will be trying to get the shield back from our Lawless XV side after we gave them a drubbing last year. It was our first win in 10yrs of the competition but a fitting way to mark our tenth anniversary. Despite being underdogs we kept a stiff upper lip and with a walk all over you attitude and our backs to the wall, we left the Police team thunderstruck and spellbound at the end of the match. We'd lost narrowly a few times in the past so it was good riddance to bad luck.

Sorry Wilts Police, but it's dog eat dog and this year, if you want blood, you'd better fire your guns, because hell or high water, we're as hard as a rock, and like a heatseeker, we won't give it up and we'll go down fighting. So get ready to tread the highway to hell as our riff raff prepare to inject the venom. If we end up losing and getting shot down in flames by your goalkicker who likes to shoot to thrill, then have a drink on me as long as it's not a whole lotta rosie and it's something more akin to whisky on the rocks.

The evening function will be a night of rock n roll damnation at the 12 Bar again, as Dave Young and his crew play host to us for a fourth consecutive year. A great venue and always a great night. If you dare, you can rock your heart out. There will be performances from support bands with The Lawless hopefully turning out again, and Tin Shack, Animal House and others in the pipeline.

Naturally, money talks, and we'll be back in business with the auction with punters having the opportunity for some smash n grab great prizes such as River Cottage weekend, a week in a Villa in Spain, Premiership Football weekend in London, theatre weekend in Cardiff and much much more.

So, please support us.....buy a ticket from any of the committee members ......Reesy, Rizzo, Looey, Mobes Debz, Sue etc....tickets are still only 5.....no price increase in 11 years of trading !!.....and if you're wondering about the lack of sense with this article or haven't worked it out.........all the italics are titles of AC/DC songs just to get you in the mood.............see you on the night !! .....The Fatboys Team

Mike Rees
2010-02-01 13:00:51


From Thursday 3rd to Sunday 6th September 2009, Tim 'Mad Oarsman' Mobey, Steve 'Top Bombing' Burt, Steve 'Torpedo' Thorpe and Nick 'Exocet' Mawson canoed the entire non-tidal length of the River Thames. This is an arduous slog and several members of the Fatboys committee questioned their sanity and tried to reason with them to no avail.

This was a total of 135 miles and they had the support crews in the form of family members and the irrepressible Kev Lawless. They successfully achieved their aim on time raising almost 2000 for Fatboy's Charity and other Cancer related charities. They have trained for months (well some of them have !) and the level of fitness reached has been outstanding. Their efforts are greatly appreciated by all at Fatboys and we would also like to thank all those who generously donated in support. Asked for his assessment of the ordeal, Tim Mobey simply said 'I Hurt.......'

2009-12-01 21:00:21

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