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Fatboys Helped Me


A Successful 2007 Comes to a Close

As 2007 came to a close, Fatboys staff began to rapidly spend the money raised through the year. Many children benefited from the purchase of special gifts funded by Fatboys' money.

One young lad, an avid Arsenal supporter will soon be enjoying a match at the new stadium with his family and also have the joy of a stadium tour given by the legendary Charlie George. Other children received Nintendo Wii s and DS Lites, as well as other expensive gifts which brought pleasure to sick children and their families at a special time of year made difficult by their individual situations.

In addition Fatboys arranged for children at a Womens' Refuge to be given selection boxes on Xmas Day, and wil be making efforts to provide them with a party of some description in the near future.

Many thanks to all those who helped to raise funds or donated through 2007, and we look forward to seeing you all in 2008. The annual charity event is currently being planned for Wednesday the 5 th of March 2008, at the 12 Bar Club in Swindon.

Mike Rees
2008-01-16 22:20:21


On the 16th of December 2006, Swindon Male Voice choir held a carol concert at Christ Church, Old Town, Swindon in aid of the Fatboys Charity. This was kindly arranged by Choir member, Gordie Smith, and Fatboys are very appreciative of his efforts and that of all involved. Committee member Ady Davis was there to receive the cheque from them, and added:

"Merry Xmas Everybody and Deck the halls with boughs of holly because Im Walking in the Air. I wasnt sure if Id be able to get here but Come They Told Me (para pa pa pum!!), and its good to see the church Mistletoe and Wine and children singing Christian Rhyme. I was late getting here because I got stuck behind a Little Donkey on a dusty road. Were simply having a Wonderful Christmas Time and if you thought you were in for a Silent Night, you were sadly mistaken. That was Last Christmas. This is a fantastic donation by Swindon Male Voice Choir. I wish it could be Christmas everyday."

A very big thank you to Swindon Male Voice Choir and all involved in the event

Mike Rees
2006-12-26 09:13:52

Youngest Ever Fatboy Fundraiser??!!

Levi William Higham is new to the world, arriving on the 21st April this year , but already wants to do his bit for the cause! He bullied parents Colin and Jayne from Wigan into holding a fund raising event in aid of Fatboys Charity at his christening. Instead of Christening Presents Levi insisted on donations to the Fatboys Charity.

Family and friends gathered to have a bit of a knees up and celebrate the Christening of Levi, and raise money at the same time. Oh and apparently there were reports of alcohol being drunk slightly (or not so slightly) in excess of the safe drinking limits

When interviewed about the event, Levi said
'"Aye. I'm a bit of a fat lad meself, but that shouldn't be a barrier to helping a worthy cause. Fatboys seemed the ideal choice, so I told me Mam and Dad to bring it on like. Like a bit o' rugby too.....play it a lot better tharn those soothern softies do. Can't say I'm a big fan o The Lawless though. Like me music a lickle bit more mellow and soulful......good day it were though.........had a bit of a sore head in the morning though............but 1500 quid is good. I haven't done bad for a fat lad. Me broothers are hoping to break into the Lawless XV Firsts in March 2007, but I may have to wait on a coople of years yet......but arv got me eye on the noomber two shirt like."

Fatboys Charity would like to pass on their sincere appreciation to Levi for his belligerent and determined attitude, and would like to thank Colin and Jayne Higham and their family and friends who helped to raise this magnificent sum of money. We are genuinely touched by their achievement. A BIG thanks to Levi for foregoing his presents in aid of Fatboys.

He added "There's only so many silver money boxes and 'first tooth' boxes you can live with anyway, so I thought the money would be better spent on helping other children"

Ian Stevenson, Lawless RFC Captain for 2007, said he would keep the number two shirt waiting for young Levi.

The Lawless refused to comment on the critical comment from one so young!

The Family requested we consider helping some Children's Hospices oop North, and this is already in hand, with contact having been made by Fatboys with Derian House and Francis House. Watch this space for donation news regarding these Hospices.

Mikey Rees
2006-11-26 22:52:57


Fatboys are beginning to plan their next fund raiser in March 2007. Do you know anyone who has something we could auction. This is the main fund raiser for the Charity and we rely on donations of this nature to keep things going. The sort of things we auctioned last year were:

A day at Bath RFC with lunch etc
A week in a Spanish Villa
Guitar Lessons
A Sports Car for the Weekend
A weekend in Wales
A Parachute Jump
A Builder for the day
A day's water Ski-ing
Microlight Flight

These were all organised through people we know, or people that people we know know!! We are totally reliant on this sort of donation. Approaching companies direct rarely works, you need the insider to make things happen!! It gets harder every year........ Can you help us?!! Please!!??

Mikey Rees
2006-10-28 22:14:14

Fatboys Donate to Music Genius' Charity event

CKDCF, a Children's charity in North West England supported by former It Bites singer/guitarist, and now a successfully established solo artist in his own right, Francis Dunnery (www.francisdunnery.com) held a recent fund raiser in Cumbria, which was attended by The Lawless bass guitarist, lead singer and rockmeister, Steve Tilling.

Fatboys made a donation of 150 to the Charity, which is in its fourth year of fund raising. We wish this Charity well in its efforts to raise funds for a good cause. We hope that Francis may one day grace the stage in Swindon at our annual fund raiser, but we're working on that one!!

Mikey Rees
2006-10-28 22:11:09

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