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Fatboys Helped Me


Fantastic Year for Fatboys Charity

As we enter 2006, it is time to reflect on the preceding year, and the fruits of all the efforts of trustees and friends.

In keeping with the trend of the previous five years, Fatboy's exceeded the previous year's total by some distance, and 2005 saw the Charity raise around 10,000.

This was a fantastic effort for such a small concern, and will be difficult to surpass in 2006, but we always did love a challenge!!

The Annual Day of Lawlessness raised 6,000 and sales from associated rock band The Lawless' magnificent debut CD augmented the total further. Why hasn't a record label signed this band and put them in Stadium Rock Arenas!! Probably 'cos they're too damn lazy to send the CD to companies!!!

In addition loyal band and charity supporter Nick Shah got married to fiancee Sarah, and requested charity donations as opposed to Wedding Presents. This raised a magnificent total of 1000, although how we are going to bank Paul Mundy's toaster is a mystery.

Suzanne Warr, a friend of the Lawless family, did a skydive (must be bonkers) and raised a further 1000, which will be presented to the Charity at the forthcoming annual Day of Lawlessness, which is being scheduled for March the 8th at a venue to be announced.

Talking of which, The Queens Tap pub in Swindon, spiritual home of Mike Lawless and host of the event for the past two years has gone down the Pan. The Brewery who own this should be ashamed of themselves, as Swindon's only real rock venue has been left high and dry by greedy corporate monsters.

Some ladies and gents from Aztec West in Bristol ran a half-marathon in Cardiff and raised a further 400 for the Charity. So many thanks to them.

The Charity has just purchased thousands of pounds worth of present for children suffering with Cancer or Leukaemia, and these have been distributed.

In addition, the Charity purchased equipment for Helen House in Oxford, where children with such illnesses are treated. We also paid for the teenage girls who are being treated at Helen House to have a 'girly day out'.

The Charity also sent presents to a Women's Refuge for the Children who were in residence on Christmas Day.

A lot of children with smiles on their faces over Christmas, and wish them all the very best in their difficult times.

We hope to help lots more children in 2006.

Mike Rees
2006-01-17 10:52:32

New Fatboys Website Launched

Fatboys are pleased to unveil their new website presented in the charity colours of yellow and black!

With the publicity generated from the 6th Day of Lawlessness, we have rushed production to get the new site up and running. New features are planned in the coming weeks so please feel free to come back regularly to see what is happening.

Within a week we hope to have photo's taken from the Lawless XV v Police Rugby match on 02/03/06 as well as photos from the evening fund-raiser. In addition to this, we will be adding extracts from some letters of thanks received by the charity and also some great new ideas on how people can help the charity raise even more money for the deserving cause it serves.

We look forward to you being regular visitors.

Ian Stevenson
2005-03-08 21:24:21

Day of Lawlessness Raises 6,000 +

The sixth annual Day of Lawlessness held on Wednesday 2nd March 2005 raised a huge total in excess of 6,000.

Once again the day proved a rousing success with fun and frolics had by all. More news on this event will follow soon.

Ian Stevenson
2005-03-05 21:37:53

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